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You are led to this page while visiting images from Randy Wang's photography gallery, or the Digital StudyHall project site, or some other pages. If you have enjoyed Randy's pictures, please consider supporting an innovative education project led by Randy and others, a project that seeks to help poor kids in rural India.

In a nutshell, think of the project as the educational equivalent of Netflix combined with YouTube. We digitally record live classes by the best teachers in good schools in cities, and distribute them on DVDs to poor rural and slum schools. Among other things, the content is used to train village teachers and allow poor kids to teach themselves. The project is a collaboration between computer scientists and education experts. To learn more, please visit the project home page.

The Digital StudyHall is an official 501c3 non-profit organization. Donations to the project are fully tax-deductable. Please send us email for tax documentation or other information. All funds will go to funding local "foot soldiers" or equipment purchase. You may click the button below to conveniently make an online donation. If, however, you're considering making a large donation and want to avoid the overhead charged in the online process, please email us.

On behalf of the kids, we thank you!    :-)

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