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I received my Ph.D. from the University of California at Berkeley. I was an assistant professor in the Computer Science Department at Princeton University, before Princeton and I mutually decided we had had enough of each other. I'm currently working on the Digital StudyHall (DSH) project, a project that we started while at Princeton that seeks to improve children's education for the rural poor and the urban slums in India. These days, I mostly live and work in Lucknow, UP, India.

(I have been told by the Princeton CS department that they continue to receive grad school applications from students who express desire to work with me. To such applicants, please note that I don't work at Princeton any more: if you wish to be accepted by Princeton, you should refer to other faculty there in your application; if you are interested in DSH, you should email me directly.)

Recent projects:
o Distance learning for primary education in rural India: The Digital StudyHall
o Distributed mobile storage
o Fast disk arrays

o Bridging the digital divide: storage media + postal network = generic high-bandwidth communication, TOS'05
o PlanetSeer: Internet Path Failure Monitoring and Characterization in Wide-Area Services, OSDI'04
o Turning the Postal System into a Generic Digital Communication Mechanism, SIGCOMM'04
o A Transport Layer Approach for Improving End-to-End Performance and Robustness Using Redundant Paths, USENIX'04
o Distance Learning Technologies for Basic Education in Disadvantaged Areas, GCCCE'04
o Network-Embedded Programmable Storage and Its Applications, NETWORKING'04
o Segank: A Distributed Mobile Storage System, FAST'04
o Highly Secure and Efficient Routing, INFOCOM'04
o Overlay Mesh Construction Using Interleaved Spanning Trees, INFOCOM'04
o Considering the Energy Consumption of Mobile Storage Alternatives, MASCOTS'03
o A Routing Protocol with Byzantine Robustness, Sarnoff'03
o Modeling Hard-Disk Power Consumption, FAST'03
o A Peer-to-Peer Mobile Storage System (an invited short paper)
o Probabilistic Packet Scheduling: Achieving Proportional Share Bandwidth Allocation, INFOCOM'02
o Configuring and Scheduling an Eager-Writing Disk Array for a Transaction Processing Workload, FAST'02
o PersonalRAID: Mobile Storage for Distributed and Disconnected Computers, FAST'02
o Trading Capacity for Performance in a Disk Array, OSDI'00
o Archipelago: An Island-Based File System For Highly Available And Scalable Internet Services, USENIX/Windows'00
o Virtual Log Based File Systems for a Programmable Disk, OSDI'99
o Modeling and Optimizing Pipeline Latency, SIGMETRICS'98
o Experience with a Language for Writing Coherence Protocols, USENIX/DSL'97
o Improving the Performance of Log-Structured File Systems with Adaptive Methods, SOSP'97
o Evaluation of Architectural Support for Global Address-Based Communication in Large-Scale Parallel Machines, ASPLOS'96
o Serverless Network File Systems, TOCS'96, SOSP'95
o Cooperative Caching: Using Remote Client Memory to Improve File System Performance, OSDI'94
o A Quantitative Analysis of Cache Policies for Scalable Network File Systems, SIGMETRICS'94
o Adaptive Control for Packet Video, ICMCS'94
o xFS: A Wide Area Mass Storage File System, WWOS'93

oSpring 2005: CS598c Technologies for the developing world
oFall 2004: CS217 Introduction to programming systems
oSpring 2004: CS126 General computer science, precept 6
oSpring 2004: CS398, CS498, CSJIW, CSSRT: undergraduate independent projects
oFall 2003: CS397, CS497, CSJIW, CSSRT: undergraduate independent projects
oSpring 2003: CS398, CS498, CSJIW, CSSRT: undergraduate independent projects
oFall 2002: CS397, CS497, CSJIW, CSSRT: undergraduate independent projects
oFall 2002: CS518 Advanced operating systems
oSpring 2002: CS398, CS498, CSJIW, CSSRT: undergraduate independent projects
oFall 2001: CS518 Advanced operating systems
oFall 2001: CS397, CS497, CSJIW, CSSRT: undergraduate independent projects
oSpring 2001: CS126 General computer science
oFall 2000: CS518 Advanced operating systems
oSpring 2000: CS598e Six research ideas in storage, mobility, and networking
oFall 1999: CS126 General computer science
oSpring 1999: CS598e Topics in distributed storage systems

My photography gallery:
o Gallery main entrance
o Best of Nepal (2009)
o My best of 2000
o My best of 1999
o My best of 1998
o My best of 1997
o My best of 1995-1996
o Best of India (2004)

Previous life:
o An old cv (pdf)
o My previous home page at Berkeley

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