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Bill Gates OpEd:



Earlier, from Craig Mundie:


So what good does this do for DSH?  For those who haven't heard, in
addition to the current efforts, Microsoft has committed to supporting
experimentally bringing up DSH in two other countries in the next year
or two.

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I agree, this is a fantastic Op-Ed by BillG!

It mentions IDC and MSR India as drivers of technical innovation in
the country, and Shiksha, Digital StudyHall, and MultiPoint as
Microsoft's efforts to support education in India.

Speaking for the TEM group, I'm particularly pleased with the very
accurate wording around DSH. Thanks for getting this right on, Meenu!



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This is just an extraordinary Bill op/ed placement by the Indian Sub
team!  (note this is not the UP op/ed, but a separate education
focused piece that Meenu has been driving).

Meenu – congratulations to you and the entire India team!!!

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The Bill G contributory article on the importance of education for
India's growth…sets the stage for our UP initiative…Enjoy!




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