From: "Randolph Wang" <rywang@CS.Princeton.EDU>
Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2008 00:35:36 +0530
To: Videoshala <>
Cc: DSH Hubs <>
Subject: (dsh-discuss) (dsh-hubs) Re: The Digital Study Hall's appraoch to education

Hi Pooja,

Thanks for your inquiry.  Here's some sample DSH material.

Samples from Lucknow:

Samples from Bangalore:

On each of these pages, you will see links to more categories of
things, among which are one thing you asked for in
particular---collections of example videos of how our materials are
being used in village schools.  (We call the methodology "mediation.")

There's a lot of other things in addition to the two above sample
links.  For example, we have quite a bit of stuff from Pune and
Calcutta, which you can see by typing in "pune" or "calcutta" into the
key word search box on:

You may also want to look at the instruction on this page about how to
access the videos.  (Advice concerning the "XviD codec," or a
"download manager," for example.)

If you haven't seen it yet, the following writeup might be helpful:

In a couple months, we'll publish a preliminary evaluation report of a
small set of pilot schools.  We'd be happy to share any/all of our
stuff with you, and we'd be happy to take yours as well, particularly
if you guys crank out a lot more stuff :)


On Jan 10, 2008 11:09 AM, Videoshala <> wrote:
>  Dear Mr. Wang 
>  I am writing to enquire about educational materials used by The Digital 
>  Study Hall, on behalf of Videoshala, a program focused on producing 
>  stimulating, curriculum-based educational videos for local children in 
>  Ahmedabad, Gujurat, India. 
>  The program, proposed by three organizations - Drishti Media, Udaan and 
>  Video Volunteers - brings together four local NGOs and community members to 
>  produce educational videos that are screened at schools in the surrounding 
>  areas.   These are 'community videos'  they are shot, written, conceived 
>  and produced by community members themselves, who are trained as full-time 
>  Community Producers. The content of these videos target subjects such as 
>  math, science or languages that are difficult for students to understand in 
>  traditional classroom settings. At present, this six-month old program has 
>  completed four educational community videos screened to more than 1500 
>  students. This innovations project is supported by the USAID-created Quest 
>  Alliance, a partnership of public, private and non-governmental 
>  organizations, including Microsoft, Wipro and the International Youth 
>  Foundation, who work together to promote technology in education 
>  We are interested in learning more about Digital Study Hall's experience 
>  with technology-based education by sharing information about the process of 
>  development. We would like to exchange any material  written, video, or 
>  audio  that document the process of development in the areas that were 
>  targeted. This information ensures an effective approach to technology-based 
>  education. Please do let us know whether such materials are available. If 
>  so, how do we gain access to them? We are happy to pass on our findings to 
>  Digital Study Hall for future reference. 
>   In particular, we are interested in materials that display how teachers use 
>  DSH videos in traditional classroom settings and how students react to this 
>  form of teaching. We would appreciate any information as to where to 
>  purchase these materials. 
>  We look forward to hearing from you. 
>  Thank you very much for your kind attention. 
>  From, 
>  Pooja Shahani Videoshala Intern 
>  -- 
>  Videoshala - Community Video for Citizenship, Diversity and Education 
>  A joint programme of Drishti, Udaan and Video Volunteers 
>  -------------------------- 
>  Royal Chinmay Towers 105/106 
>  Near Simandhar Tower 
>  Vastrapur/Bodakdev 
>  Ahmedabad, 380054 
>  Gujarat, India 
>  Videoshala Office: +91 7965442089 


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