From: "Randolph Wang" <rywang@CS.Princeton.EDU>
Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2008 20:56:18 -0700
To: "Randolph Wang" <rywang@CS.Princeton.EDU>
Subject: (dsh-discuss) (dsh-hubs) DSH wins the 2007 ACM Lawler Award

For about two thirds of you on this mailing list, this is probably new
news.  For the remaining third, this is old news, but with a new press
release and a new title :)

"The 2007 ACM Lawler Award Goes to the Digital Study Hall Team"


Congrats to the "team," which should include the "Digital Green" and
the new "Digital Polyclinic" people as well :)

[ACM, the Association for Computing Machinery (, is a
large world-wide organization for computing professionals.]


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