From: "Randolph Wang" <rywang@CS.Princeton.EDU>
Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2008 23:58:16 -0800
To: "Randolph Wang" <rywang@CS.Princeton.EDU>
Subject: (dsh-discuss) (dsh-hubs) we won, again.

DSH won the top slot of the education category in the Tech Awards gala
and $50K cash tonight!!

(The independent judges were managed separately by Santa Clara
University.  Before the secret decision was announced tonight, we
"only" made the top 25 "laureates.")

I was supposed to give a short "acceptance speech."  Here's the gist
of what I said:

[some joke about hillbillies now ready to loot Nieman Marcus
coast-to-coast, a Sarah Palin joke in case you didn't know...]

I thanked the award judges for recognizing the beauty in simplicity,
for recognizing that sometimes, the ideas that could make a difference
are not always the sexiest.  We are honored and humbled etc.  This is
a recognition of so many people who have done the hard real work.  I
want to especially mention Dr. Urvashi Sahni, a co-founder, who
unfortunately can't make to the ceremony, because she's running real
schools, and I'm just sent here to do what I do best: eating.

There are too many names to enumerate so I can only give you some
examples of all the anonymous good people who do the real work.  There
are the teachers who stay after school everyday to film lessons;
there's the staff who's holed up in a small non-AC'ed office in
40-degree heat to burn hundreds of DVDs overnight to beat a deadline;
there's the village school teacher who opened an extra evening school
for kids who can't make it during the day, for no extra pay, for no
extra recognition; there're the volunteers who put equipment in their
suitcases to smuggle to India for us.  This award goes to all the
people like them!

And finally, please help Digital StudyHall.  You can start by Googling
"Digital StudyHall."  And considering who's handing out the envelope
(Microsoft is a sponsor), I think might do nicely too.

End lame speech.

You can check out all the other projects featured at the Tech Awards.
A lot of them are really brilliant.  The dude who invented the
non-reusable syringe (over a billion made!) won the top prize in the
health category.  Totally brilliant!


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